Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Remember this story?........

of Donna Nicholson, the PPD officer who successfully sued the COP over harassment from another officer?

Well, apparently things don't seem to be going well.  Here's Nicholson's request to extend an order of protection against the officer:

I"m sure Chief Wiggum has a reasonable explanation.


  1. Number 1 you do not know this woman in her true form,you think her little fakey goody goody character is for real?This woman is the queen of manipulation and is going to any length to save her house and property.She has known she was going to lose it since her husband and her embezzled money from the Cold Stone Creamery corporation. I'm telling you that you know nothing that is for real about this case. Before you go advocating you need to do some research and dig deeper into the story.And find the real facts other than that you are just in the same boat trying to steal money from Peoria.Why don't you do some investigating on the coinciding dates of them losing the businesses,divorce and the first charges on Jeff Wilson.
    #2 This woman has a long history of of using people to her benefit.
    #3 You might also wanna look back at past marriages,if you want some idea of her character,she has cheated on all of them and has had numerous affairs including with co-workers at the P.D.
    I believe if you are calling yourself as a journalist you are a fake, mazr.Pretty shotty.

  2. 1st's "shoddy".

    a "journalist"? Are you serious? Do you think I take myself that seriously. I'm a guy with a blog. If I fancied myself a journalist I would have shut this down long ago due to lack of interest.

    I don't know either person involved in this case. I posted a document I found interesting. I don't care about it enough to go and do some sort of exhaustive research project on a he said/she said.

    I'm not quite sure where you get the "advocating" angle on this. You're absolutely right...I don't know a whole lot about this case, other than what I've read about it. But I do know I'm not a fan of Stettingsgard....and I'd bet he's trying everything he can to make this go away.

  3. Boy Anon, this Wilson guy must have the worst luck in the world.